Vanille Nue Candle
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Vanille Nue Candle

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Vanille Nue, translated as "naked vanilla" from French, certainly lives up to its name. A silky and warm vanilla scent that blends right in with the scent of our own skin, quietly complementing it - this is a vanilla that belongs to the bedroom rather than a dessert plate. Woody, smoky and exotic elements take this vanilla to another dimension. Soft yet very diffusive when burned and slightly addictive. 

Fragrance notes: Bourbon vanilla, cedarwood, ylang ylang, incense, benzoin resin. 

Fragrance family: Woody amber 

55+ hours of clean burn

Our candles come in 8-ounce frosted glass jars with handcrafted bamboo wooden lids. We use high quality, FDA-approved and sustainably sourced natural coconut-apricot wax, premium fragrances and lead-free cotton wicks in our candles. Paraben, phthalate and gluten free. Made in small batches and hand poured in Arizona.