We believe you can change how you feel in a positive way through your sense of smell. With our unique array of scents we strive to help you transform your space into a place where you feel good

We are driven by our passion for fragrances to bring you an authentic experience of intentional happiness. 

Arya Tara Candles launched in January 2021. Our clean-burning candles are made with highest quality, non-toxic ingredients and hand poured in small batches in Tucson, Arizona. 

The Story of Ārya Tārā

We source our name and inspiration from the goddess of Tibetan Buddhism, Arya Tara.

Eons ago, in another universe, there was a princess named Wisdom Moon. She possessed great merit, she devoted herself to her good deeds and her immense compassion for all sentient beings led her to reach bodhicitta, the path to enlightenment. Her wish was to walk the path to enlightenment and ultimately become a Buddha so she could aid in ending the suffering of all living beings.

After reaching bodhicitta, a monk approached her and told her that in order to fulfill her wish she would need to pray to be reborn as a man in her next life, and that was the only way she could become a Buddha. She replied, “Here there is no man; there is no woman, no self, no person, and no consciousness. Labeling ‘male’ or ‘female’ is hollow. Oh, how worldly fools delude themselves”.

She saw the flaw in the monk’s logic and made a vow to be reborn as a woman, again and again, until she reached her aspiration of becoming a Buddha in female form. Through determination she became Goddess Ārya Tārā, the mother of all Buddhas.

About the Maker

For our founder, Merve, fragrance has always been an essential aspect of her life. Obtaining her Master’s degree from the world-famous perfumery school ISIPCA in France, there was no better institution to learn about the wonderful dimension that scents add to our lives.

"I remember my first days at perfumery school. It was pure bliss. Huddled in a lab with hundreds of little bottles, learning how to describe and mix each scent and trying to come up with our own little formulas... some scents familiar, some strange, some surprisingly pleasant and some outrageously offensive. I could say it felt like I was in the Potions class at Hogwarts - but with friendlier teachers.

I remember the very first candle I made in that lab. A small candle in an ordinary aluminum cup, with the scent of violet flowers - trying to emulate the soft, delicate aroma of Violette de Toulouse candies from the south of France. The smell of it is still vivid in my memories. 

I started this business to help you realize how easy it is to create a positive light in your daily life just by adding a beautiful scent to your space. To me, fragrance is magic and I would like to share this wonderful magic with you." 

- Merve