Mount Lemmon Candle | Copper Tin
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Mount Lemmon Candle | Copper Tin

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Our Mount Lemmon scent was inspired by the mountain of the same name in Arizona. It's home to a wide array of wildlife and plants due to the elevation difference between the summit and the base. As you drive through the Catalina Highway up towards the top of the mountain, the scenery magically changes from giant saguaro cacti to berry bushes, then to cypress and fir forests within the hour. It is no wonder that locals choose this destination to cool down in brutal Arizona summers and to experience snow in the winter.

We translated the cool forests of Mount Lemmon into fragrance form: a refreshing combination of cypress, fir, pinyon pine and tree moss.

Fragrance family: Woody aromatic

20 hours of clean burn

Our Copper Tin candles have dual wicks and come in 5.5-ounce copper colored seamless tins with lids. We use high quality, FDA-approved and sustainably sourced natural coconut-apricot wax, premium fragrances and lead-free cotton wicks in our candles. Paraben, phthalate and gluten free. Made in small batches and hand poured in Arizona.