Mermaid's Whisper Candle by Arya Tara Candles. Calamansi, lime, jasmine, ylang ylang, bay salt, seaweed, driftwood. Citrus floral aquatic scent. Non-toxic natural candle made with coconut apricot wax, lead-free zinc-free wicks, premium fragrances. Pink tin container dua wick candle, double wick candle. Mermaid candle, lorelei candle, Siren candle, beach theme candle, fresh and light scented candle. Bestselling candle.
Mermaid's Whisper Candle | Lotus Tin
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Mermaid's Whisper Candle | Lotus Tin

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Misty, alluring, strange.

Our Mermaid's Whisper scent is inspired by the irresistible and extraordinary charm of mermaids. These elusive half-human, half-fish marvels are said to possess the ability to sing beautifully to lure men to the depths of the sea. But how do you think a mermaid would smell? We explored the possibilities and came up with our best guess: salty fresh ocean breeze sweetened by juicy calamansi and lime and enhanced with the feminine touch of light florals. 

Fragrance notes: Calamansi, lime, jasmine, ylang ylang, bay salt, seaweed, driftwood

Fragrance family: Citrus floral aquatic 

17+ hours of clean burn

Our Lotus Tin candles have dual wicks and come in 5.5-ounce pale pink seamless tins with lids. We use high quality, FDA-approved and sustainably sourced natural coconut-apricot wax, premium fragrances and lead-free cotton wicks in our candles. Paraben, phthalate and gluten free. Made in small batches and hand poured in Arizona.