The "why" behind scented candles

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Happy Friday! We meet again in this week's blog post. It has been a productive week as we started pouring our new signature candles - and finally photographed them on the single sunny day we had! 

Even though I think about, make, light or smell candles every single day I still wonder, why do we like scented candles so much? In a world of seemingly endless electric lighting options and various home fragrance systems, some of us still prefer scented candles. 

Learning to create and take control of fire was essentially the most important key milestone in human advancement and maybe we still do have a special relationship with fire. After all, fire is what brought us light, warmth, comfort and protection from predators (and don't forget delicious cooked food!). Although we use much less fire in our daily lives compared to our ancestors, candles today might be letting us connect to the more primal side of us and a simple detail like candlelight can still add a certain coziness to our spaces. 

So how did we get the idea of scenting candles?

When candles were first used thousands of years ago, they reeked of animal fat as that was the main ingredient. To improve the smell, people would add incense sticks in the candle. Thankfully we have much better odorless and vegan options when it comes to candle wax today, like our creamy and dreamy (that's what I call it!) coconut apricot wax.

And we still add scents to our candles, not to mask the odor of the wax but to enhance our moods and the ambiance of our spaces. And I cannot stress this enough, scent can improve mood! Our sense of smell has the power to trigger memories and emotions like no other sense can, yet we ignore it most of the time when we could use it to our benefit. Smelling a scent you love can do wonders for you when you're feeling a bit down. 

And perhaps this is the why for many scented candle lovers: the warm, comforting feeling a candle's flame evokes combined with their favorite scents just makes them... happy. This certainly is true for me!

Now I'm curious, what is your "why" for scented candles? Comment down below!

Until next Friday,
- Merve


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